Greetings from the Macabre Republic…

…Home of the red, black, and blue; where there’s a darkness not just on the edge of town, but all along Main Street; and where the heartland lies deep within October Country.

This site is an outgrowth of the blog Macabre Republic (constituted in 2010), which was devoted to the celebration and appreciation of the Gothic in American literature and culture. My goal here is not merely to construct a platform for my own written work, but to build a community of fellow aficionados–all those who feel right at home on the nightside.

Think you might fit in nicely? Here’s a quick citizenship test:

If you…

  • Count yourself a Constant Reader (and pledge allegiance to a KIng)
  • Believe 1313 Mockingbird Lane should be featured in Better Homes & Gardens
  • Consider ghost walks invigorating exercise
  • Divide the year into two distinct periods: Halloween season, and the eleven long months leading up to it
  • Spend more time on the Bloody Disgusting website than Facebook
  • Are tickled pink by black humor
  • Think Something Wicked This Way Comes sounds like a perfect forecast
  • Live for The Walking Dead
  • Find Poe’s Raven quite the conversationalist
  • Welcome any news from Night Vale
  • Can recite all the rules of Fight Club (but know enough not to)
  • Wish Grant Wood could paint your family portrait
  • Would nominate Rob Zombie to compose our national anthem

Then you don’t need to fill out any forms. You’re already a resident of the Macabre Republic.

6 thoughts on “Greetings from the Macabre Republic…

  1. I don’t know that I truly qualify, but adore noir, and neo noir. I think like Rus Chole, “The world needs bad men, (as he lights a cigarette and then continues) to keep the other bad men from the door.” I don’t know if Carcosa counts, but perhaps it does.

    • Hi Toni, and welcome. I think you’ll be right at home in the Macabre Republic. When the noir gets dark enough, it can definitely shade over into the (American) Gothic.

  2. I am afraid that I do not fit as much as one think I would. However, maybe I can be honorary. I do like black and white film noir and I have kept a crypt for years. Zombies and vampires tend to run a muck in my book (and I like it that way.)
    Hmm….Oh, and I don’t need to ghost walk, they tend to come to me instead.

    Master Crypt Keeper, Michelle

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