Monday Night Feline

Suddenly, it all makes diabolical sense.

The two franchises that play football at MetLife Stadium, the Giants and the Jets, have been godawful this fall. But maybe incompetent ownership/management, dubious coaching strategies, or underwhelming performances by the players isn’t the explanation for why these teams have become cellar dwellers. Instead, it seems that they have been cursed.

During last night’s Giants-Cowboys game in the Meadowlands, a jet-black cat took to the field and brought the action to a halt. The Giants’ fortunes (they had been playing well up to that point) reversed shortly after the appearance of this Halloween holdover.

A few weeks back on a Monday night in the woeful October, a beleaguered (and regrettably miked-up) Sam Darnold claimed he was seeing ghosts out on the field, and became widely mocked in the media for his comment. But after the witchy interruption in last night’s game, I am starting to wonder if the Jets quarterback was speaking metaphorically…


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