Treehouse of Trivia: Bonus Edition

In lieu of a full review of last night’s “Treehouse of Horror XXXI” (which I thought was terrific, and did its Halloween number proud), here’s a brief quiz pertaining to the episode. Answers appear in the Comments section below.


1. When Marge tells Homer he should vote if he cares about the three things he loves most, what does Homer immediately imagine?


2. In “Toy Gory,” Radioactive Man explodes after Bart puts him in the microwave–a reference to Gremlins. This isn’t the first time such gag has appeared on a Treehouse of Horror episode, though. Can you cite the other?


3. According to Kent Brockman’s news report in “Into the Homer-verse,” the group of Homers terrorizing Springfield do all of the following, except:

A. Over-bowl the bowling alleys
B. Empty family-style buffets of everything except salad
C. Start a doo-wop group
D. Attend a football game with their shirts off
E. Leave the library untouched


4. The episode lives up to its Treehouse of Horror title when ________________.


5. Complete the quote: “Bart Simpson, I’m gonna do what clowns do best: ____!


6. “Into the Homer-verse” gives a nod to what classic Star Trek episode?


7. In “Be Nine, Rewind,” temporal loops can be broken by all of the following, except:

A. Saving the whales in Star Trek IV
B. Bombing at the box office like Happy Death Day 2U did
C. Saying “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana” in the knock-knock joke
D. Being nice in Groundhog Day


8. True or False? Bart gets tennis elbow from his toys in “Toy Gory.”


9.In “Into the Homer-verse,” Kearney dresses up as Pinhead for Halloween. Can you cite the other time the Cenobite has appeared on Treehouse of Horror?


10. How many clips are shown in the closing credits of TofH XXXI?


One thought on “Treehouse of Trivia: Bonus Edition

  1. 1. A Duff bottle, a donut, and a pretzel (all with chorus girl legs)

    2. In the opening of TofH XVIII, Marge is interrupted by on-screen promos for other Fox shows, and ends up cooking House in the microwave until he explodes

    3. D. (the Homers actually attend a hockey game)

    4. The treehouse in the Simpsons’ yard falls and crushes Lisa and Nelson in “Be Nine, Rewind”

    5. Kill!

    6. “City on the Edge of Forever” (when Lisa references the episode writer Harlan Ellison’s “law of circular storytelling”)

    7. B. (it was Edge of Tomorrow that bombed, due to Tom Cruise Fatigue)

    8. True (as revealed in the X-ray mimicking the Operation game)

    9. In “The Shinning” (TofH V), Pinhead (along with Freddy, Jason, Dracula, the Mummy, and the Wolfman) rescues the captive Homer from the pantry

    10. 93 (1 clip from the three segments of all thirty-one TofH episodes)

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