Lore Report: “On the Line” (Episode 165)

But there’s one place in the world that straddles more than just two cultures. It also manages to walk the line between the past and the present in a powerful way, no matter how tragic or horrifying that past might be.  And if you’re up for it, I’s like to take you there. Because the places where two worlds collide can also be the most frightening.

The Lore podcast tour of world folklore continues in episode 165 with a visit to the Channel Islands. Host Aaron Mahnke begins with a historical-background sketch that includes some surprising pieces of information, such as the Nazi occupation of the islands (and establishment of concentration camps there) during World War II. Throughout the episode, Mahnke posits the Channel Islands (located between Great Britain and Normandy) is a liminal space in more than a geographical sense. Focusing on the island of Guernsey, he recounts tales of fairy banquet tables, supernatural black dogs, and ghostly nocturnal screams along the beachfront. The most compelling story, though, is the concluding one, concerning a curious object known as the Rock That Sings and the deadly curse associated with it. Easily entertaining, “On the Line” is an episode that warrants prime placement in the listener’s queue.


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