Lore Report: “Unsettled” (Episode 181)

But some discoveries are more significant than others. In fact, sometimes the breaking of earth is just the first of many steps down a new road, the start of a journey rather than the end. And sometimes the thing that’s been hidden in the dirt has the power to change lives–just not in the way you’d imagine.

For the month leading to Halloween, Aaron Mahnke’s Lore podcast presents weekly episodes that put an premium on the eerie. October’s first offering, “Unsettled,” goes ghostly: in 1660’s England, the discovery of scattered teeth and skull fragments beneath kitchen floorboards precipitates visitation by a spirit given to enigmatic statements (but who eventually makes clear that he has been murdered in that very house). The subsequent investigation into this cold case is bound to give listener’s chill bumps. This central narrative also ties into a larger theme explored by the episode: the curious intersection of spectral events and courtroom drama. Final verdict: “Unsettled” is an exemplary episode, one that explores the fascinating borderland between the factual and the supernatural.


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