3 thoughts on “Halloween Tally

  1. Correct Answer: 12

    Annie, Bob, and Lynda (Halloween [1978])

    Alice Martin, Mr. Garrett, Budd, Nurse Karen, Dr. Mixter, Nurse Janet, Mrs. Alves, Nurse Jill, Federal Marshal Terrence Gummell (Halloween II [1981])

    The flashback scene in Halloween Kills [2021] almost made it an unlucky thirteen, but Officer Pete McCabe is accidentally shot in the neck by rookie cop Frank Hawkins before Michael can finish his assault. So that notch goes on Frank’s pelt.

    • Jimmy doesn’t make the cut b/c Michael is never shown killing him (and even if he did expire in the car, his head wound was self-induced by slipping in the puddle of blood from Mrs. Alves).

      Michael’s kills are so explicit and vicious in Halloween II, I don’t think the film would go the subtle/indirect route when it came to Jimmy’s fate.

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