Lore Report: “Eye to Eye” (Episode 193)

And that line [between the truly human and the almost-] is where the most frightening stories can be found. The vampires, werewolves, and zombies of pop culture are terrifying because they straddle that line. And so does one other creature, one that is both highly regional and historically common. The stories are fascinating, yes, but if even some of them are true, they’re also absolutely terrifying.

Just in time for Fat Tuesday, the Lore podcast heads down to bayou country. Host Arron Mahnke delves into the folklore of the Louisiana-based creature called the Rougarou (“a regional variation on an older theme,” Mahnke summarizes: “a werewolf altered by time, culture, religion, and word of mouth, all working together to create something unique and special in the world of monsters”). The basic similarities between the werewolf and this Cajun relation are noted, but Mahnke also takes care to trace out the distinct mythological traits of the Rougarou. Fulfilling the introductory hype (quoted above), Mahnke shares a slew of hair-raising tales about the uncanny attacker. And adding to the bucket list of must-visit places in our Macabre Republic, Mahnke steers listeners toward Houma, Louisiana, and the town’s annual Rougarou Fest (a celebration that sounds like Halloween-meets-Mardi-Gras). For those who enjoy a walk on the nightside of everyday life (especially when the moon is full and bright), “Eye to Eye” will prove extremely agreeable.


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