Highlight of the Lonesome Night: October 11th

[For the October 10th highlight, click here.]


October 11th

As action-packed as the previous chapter was, the October 11th segment of Zelazny’s novel is sparse. While out exploring, Snuff spies the Great Detective at work in a small grove. The detective is inspecting paw prints, which, with Sherlockian acumen, he identifies as Snuff’s: “I noted the markings [from prior prints], and his are identical. Also, he has the same limp in his left foreleg, the same shredded right ear.” Our narrator Snuff comments on the detective’s quote: “…Old war injuries–disagreement with a mindless guy in the West Indies–long ago…” Not much to choose from here, so I’ll highlight this bit of backstory, which teases that this isn’t Snuff’s first crack at the Game.


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