Highlight of the Lonesome Night: October 18th

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October 18th

On this night, we learn that Vicar Roberts is a real phony as a holy man; he actually has occult leanings (Snuff witnesses him conducting a midnight-black mass in worship of Nyarlathotep). But the most significant revelations in this segment of Zelazny’s novel revolve around Larry Talbot. When Snuff is perplexed by the discovery of Larry transformed into a werewolf on the night of the new moon, Larry explains his lycanthropic abilities: “I can do it whenever I choose, with certain botanical aids, and retain full rationality, save when the moon is full. It’s only involuntary then, with certain unfortunate accompaniments.” Pressed by Snuff to declare his affiliation in the Game, Larry responds: “I can’t tell you because I don’t know. I’m an anticipator. I know certain things about the future, and I anticipate being at the center [of the Halloween ritual] when the moon is full. […] I’m not sure I should even be categorized as a player. But then, I’m not sure I shouldn’t. I’m just too much of a wild card.”  Zelazny’s establishment of Larry as a figure with a central role to play in the Game (but also someone bound to complicate the climactic event because he’ll likely be “out of [his] mind” after shapeshifting during a full moon) propels the book’s plot greatly, and thus claims the highlight status for October 18th.


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