Treehouse of Trivia ’22

This Halloween season, The Simpsons offered two holiday episodes, Treehouse of Horror Presents: Not IT and Treehouse of Horror XXXIII. So this year’s Treehouse of Trivia quiz is going to have to be doubly challenging. Not for the faint of heart or unobservant of eye!

[Answers appear in the Comments section of this post.]


1. In “Not IT,” what is the town slogan scripted on the “Welcome to Kingfield” sign?


2. According to Carl in “Not IT,” what purpose did the clubhouse serve before the Losers took it over?


3. Which of the following was not pictured in “Krusto D. Clown’s Group of Oddities” in “Not IT”?

a) Lobster Boy

b) Fat Man

c) Dogface Kid

d) Mole Man

e) Bearded Lady


4. In “Not IT,” the bakery Krusto haunts is called “Needful Sweets.” True or False?


5. On the walls of D’ohs Tavern in “Not IT,” two different pennants can be seen. One has “Regrets” blazoned on it. What word does the other sport?


6. Which of the following Stephen King titles does not appear in Kang and Kodos’s bookcase at the end of “Not IT”?

a) Dr. Sleep

b) Dreamcatcher

c) The Dead Zone

d) Dolores Claiborne

e) Pet Sematary

f) Skeleton Crew

g) The Dark Tower

h) Needful Things

i) The Tommyknockers

7. Complete the title of the book that appears alongside The Pookadook in Maggie’s bookcase: Don’t Let the ____ ______ _______.


8. In “The Pookadook” segment, why do Homer, Bart, and Lisa come home early from their overnight stay at the aquarium?


9. According to Steve Johnson in “Death Tome,” what was the most popular name in his nursery cave?


10. Lisa’s “justice spree” eliminates at least ten employees of Mr. Burns’s company Globo-Warm. List four different means of death.


11. The “Simpsonsworld” segment contains to references to Edgar Allan Poe. What are they?


12. When the Simpson robots eat at Bob’s Burger’s, what is the advertised Burger of the Day?


13. In the episode epilogue, how do Kang and Kodos come across the Treehouse of Horror XXXIII meta-tome?


One thought on “Treehouse of Trivia ’22


    1. “A Great Place to Bury Your Kids”

    2. It “used to store tartar sauce during the war”

    3. d) Mole Man

    4. False (It’s called “You’re All Gonna Pie”)

    5. “Misery”

    6. f) Skeleton Crew (although “The Monkey” from the book’s cover does appear in the window of Needful Crap Secondhand Store)

    7. “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive Drunk!” (an award winner for sure!)

    8. The kids got sick and barfed in the touch-pool

    9. Necroblivia

    10. fall through manhole; parachute doesn’t open; exploding cigar; toilet gator; blown into jet engine; tanning bed entrapment; toilet lion; fall into chocolate fountain; embarrassment; purefied (not liquefied) in giant blender

    11. The Lisa robot says she has “a diorama on ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ due tomorrow”; Clothe the Raven (Edgar Allan Poe’s Cosplay Supply store) operates next door to Bob’s Burgers

    12. “Trilogy of Terror-yaki Burger”

    13. As recorded in the discovered book: they enter the hovel of a wizard on Rigel 7, because Kang “urgently needed to drain slime waste”

    How did you score?

    0-2 = D’oh!
    3-4 = Ay, Caramba!
    5-6 = Argh
    7-8 = Diddily-Doo
    9-11 = Whoo-hoo!
    12-13 = Exxxcellent

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