Halloween Ubiquity III

For those refusing to make the turn toward the Season to Be Jolly just yet, here is some October overflow to immerse in:


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The Lineup examines tricky treats: Halloween Candy Tampering: Fact or Urban Legend?


Pumpkin-carver extraordinaire Adam Bierton creates a tentacular spectacle in the New York Botanical Garden


Tor.com assembles a cast of the best out-casters: It’s an Excellent Day to Rank Our Favorite Fictional Exorcists


Crime Reads probes the phobias of leading literary terrorizers: What Are Thriller Authors Truly Afraid Of?


Bloody Disgusting props up supreme cinematic examples of a seasonal icon: Harbingers of Autumn: Six of the Scariest Scarecrows in Horror Films


The WWE gets down with Halloween in the filmic short Boogey Night:


The Lovecraft eZine Podcast offers further eldritch fellowship with its annual Halloween episode:


The always-bewitching Christine McConnell continues to practice her craft:


Practical Peculiarities helps party planners get the jump on next Halloween by hearkening back to the 1920s:


Winchester in Gingerbread

For those of us who happily reside in the Macabre Republic, Christine McConnell (whose way-too-short-lived Netflix series I reviewed here) is considered nothing less than a national treasure. McConnell is as resourceful as she is gorgeous, and her photos/videos of her horror- and Halloween-themed craft projects are positively mesmerizing.

Her jaw-dropping magnus opus, though, might be her latest effort: a giant gingerbread edition of the Winchester Mystery House. The creativity and attention to detail on display here is incredible. McConnell makes all those skillful contestants on Halloween Wars look like a bunch of untalented hacks by comparison.

Check out the making-of video below, and be sure to stay tuned to McConnell’s Youtube channel for her next amazing creation.

Amazing Creations

I think I’m in love…

…with Netflix’s new series, The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, and its gorgeous, October-spirited star.

Think Nigella by way of Elvira; a bizarro Martha Stewart; The Muppet Show meets The Munsters. This clever variation on a cooking show features instructional segments mixed with bits of comedic narrative. When I first heard the premise of the show, I feared the creature puppets would be a juvenile intrusion, but these characters actually prove rich additions. They spice up the proceedings with some hysterically-funny adult humor (that never becomes tasteless). Perhaps most darkly delightful of all is Rankle, the ever-sarcastic mummified Eqyptian cat who looks like some feline Crypt-Keeper.

The ultra-talented Christine McConnell is to baking (and sculpting and sewing) what Ray Villafane is to pumpkin carving. Her treats (viewers with a yen for the Gothic and monstrous can feast their eyes on wolf’s paw donuts, spirit board cookies, a haunted gingerbread house, and edible shrunken head ornaments) are works of art that literally look too good to eat.

These curious creations of holiday fare are stunning to behold (it’s like watching Halloween Wars, but without all the manufactured ” reality” drama and annoying contestants). The show’s most enchanting element, though, is McConnell herself; putting the boo in beautiful, she manages to make co-star Dita Von Teese seem like the plain one here. Christine McConnell is the dream hostess for any Halloween party in the Macabre Republic, and her new steaming series is an irresistible binge-watch this High Holiday season.