Treehouse of Trivia: Bonus Edition

In lieu of a full review of last night’s “Treehouse of Horror XXXI” (which I thought was terrific, and did its Halloween number proud), here’s a brief quiz pertaining to the episode. Answers appear in the Comments section below.


1. When Marge tells Homer he should vote if he cares about the three things he loves most, what does Homer immediately imagine?


2. In “Toy Gory,” Radioactive Man explodes after Bart puts him in the microwave–a reference to Gremlins. This isn’t the first time such gag has appeared on a Treehouse of Horror episode, though. Can you cite the other?


3. According to Kent Brockman’s news report in “Into the Homer-verse,” the group of Homers terrorizing Springfield do all of the following, except:

A. Over-bowl the bowling alleys
B. Empty family-style buffets of everything except salad
C. Start a doo-wop group
D. Attend a football game with their shirts off
E. Leave the library untouched


4. The episode lives up to its Treehouse of Horror title when ________________.


5. Complete the quote: “Bart Simpson, I’m gonna do what clowns do best: ____!


6. “Into the Homer-verse” gives a nod to what classic Star Trek episode?


7. In “Be Nine, Rewind,” temporal loops can be broken by all of the following, except:

A. Saving the whales in Star Trek IV
B. Bombing at the box office like Happy Death Day 2U did
C. Saying “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana” in the knock-knock joke
D. Being nice in Groundhog Day


8. True or False? Bart gets tennis elbow from his toys in “Toy Gory.”


9.In “Into the Homer-verse,” Kearney dresses up as Pinhead for Halloween. Can you cite the other time the Cenobite has appeared on Treehouse of Horror?


10. How many clips are shown in the closing credits of TofH XXXI?


Treehouse of Trivia Answers

Here are the correct answers from yesterday’s Treehouse of Trivia: Ultimate Simpsons Quiz. How did you rate?

0-5: D’oh!
6-10: Ay, Caramba!
11-15 Argh
16-20 Diddily-Do
21-25: Whoo-hoo!
26-31+: Exxxcellent


1. C. Bart (an interrupting Marge asks Bart to warn viewers in the TofH IV opening, but he never actually does so)


2. E, D, F, C, A, B


3. “King Homer” (TofH III), “Dial M for Murder, or Press ‘#’ to Return to Main Menu” (TofH XX), “Homerzilla” (TofH XXVI)


4. “No TV and no beer make Homer go crazy” (from “The Shinning” [TofH V])


5. False (parodied in “I Know What You Diddily-Iddily Did” [TofH X])


6. G. The Fly (in “Fly vs. Fly” [TofH VIII]), Bart is Fly-headed, but it’s a mutation, not a Halloween costume)


7. D. Herman Munster (Homer appears as a parody of Herman Munster in the opening of TofH XI, but it is not a Halloween costume)


8. In “Dial Z for Zombies” (TofH III), Bart and Lisa plan to resurrect Snowball I (cf. Pet Sematary)

In “Bart Simpson’s Dracula” (Tof H IV), vampire kids float outside bedroom window (cf. Salem’s Lot)

In “Attack of the 50 Ft. Eyesores” (TofH VI), a giant lumberjack terrorizes Springfield (cf. It)

In “I Know What You Diddliy-Iddily Did” (TofH X), Homer tells Lisa to go hide in the Pet Cemetery

In “Hex and the City” (T of H XII), a gypsy places a curse on Homer (cf. Thinner)

“The Ned Zone” (TofH XV) is a segment-long parody of The Dead Zone

In “Heck House” (TofH XVII), a pig is dropped onto Homer’s head (cf. the pig’s blood prank in Carrie)


9. Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford (in “The Terror of Tiny Toon” [TofH IX])


10. D. Skinner and Chalmers


11.”But let that ill-gotten donut be forever on your head” (from “The Devil and Homer Simpson” [TofH IV])


12. Family Guy‘s Peter Griffin


13. E. Snake


14. True (clips from the first 666 episodes appear in a grid at the end of TofH XXX)


15. In “Night of The Dolphin” (TofH XI), Willie is impaled through chest by a dolphin leaping through town hall window (cf. the Headless Horseman’s staking of Baltus through church window in Sleepy Hollow)

In “Bartificial Intelligence” (TofH XVI), the Robot David trims the hedges in the shapes of the Simpsons’ heads (cf. Edward Scissorhands)

“There’s No Business Like Moe Business” (TofH XX) is a segment-long parody of Sweeney Todd


16. G. Lisa’s Pieces (Lisa is actually a nutritious apple)


17. Fran Drescher


18. In “Attack of the 50 Ft. Eyesores” (TofH VI), the Lard Lad Donuts statue comes to life (and attacks Homer for stealing the donut from it)

In the opening of TofH XXIII, the giant Mayan hurls the donut from the statue like a frisbee

In the opening of TofH XXIV (directed by Guillermo del Toro), the statue is shown on the rampage

In “Telepaths of Glory” (TofH XXVI), Maggie teleports the statue’s donut onto a radio tower

In the “Planet of the Couches” gag (opening of TofH XXVII), the statue is shown half-buried on the beach

In “Dry Hard” (TofH XXVII), the statue is shown in a state of post-apocalyptic ruin (but with a video camera installed in the donut hole)


19. D. Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London”


20. The half-kneeling death pose of Commander Adama (Lorne Greene) in Battlestar Galactica


21. Treehouse of Horror (The Simpsons Halloween Special appeared in episodes 1-13)


22. A. The Shape of Water (which hadn’t been released yet, but would eventually be parodied in “When Hairy Met Slimy” [TofH XXX])


23. In “Hell Toupee” (TofH IX), the renegade hairpiece attacks Bart like the facehugger from Alien

In the opening of TofH XIV, Kang and Kodos’s boss expels Bart from his stomach after dinner

In “Starship Poopers” (TofH XX), half-alien Maggie attacks Jerry Springer like the facehugger

In the opening of TofH XXI, Bart has the alien inside stomach when he walks past an x-ray machine

In the opening of TofH XXII, Bart and Maggie dress up as an astronaut and chestburster, respectively, for Halloween


24. False (God says it is Selma, but a taunting Homer corrects him: “It’s Patty, chump!”)


25. C. “Dial N for Nerder” (which will actually an episode title in season 19 [episode 14])


26. TofH III: Simpsons as skeletons

TofH IV: Simpsons as zombies

TofH V: Simpsons as Frankenstein’s Monsters

TofH VI: Simpsons hung

TofH VII: Simpsons felled by the Grim Reaper

TofH VIII: Simpsons electrocuted by skull caps

TofH IX: Freddy and Jason sit waiting on couch, but Simpsons are already dead

TofH X: Simpsons as past characters from TofH


27. Cthulhu


28. B. Slithers (Smithers is a snake-like character named Slithers in the Harry Potter spoof “Wiz Kids” [TofH XII])


29. “Eat my shorts” (Bart interjects this before Lisa can read the actual word “Nevermore” from the poem)


30. Sgt. Sausage


31. True (although the theme music from Halloween does figure prominently in the episode “Halloween of Horror,” which aired a week before TofH XXVI)




Happy Halloween, Simpsons whizzes! Here it is: The Treehouse of Trivia Quiz. Thirty-one questions, pertaining to the first thirty Treehouse of Horror episodes (alas, TofH XXXI doesn’t air until tomorrow night). Good luck as you test your expertise. I will post the answers to the questions tomorrow, November 1st.


1. Which one of the following characters has never delivered a p.s.a-style warning to viewers about the disturbing nature of the Treehouse content that follows?

A. Marge
B. Homer
C. Bart
D. Lisa
E. Professor Frink


2. Match the Treehouse segment with the Twilight Zone episode that it borrows from:

___ “Hungry Are the Damned”
___ “The Genesis Tub”
___ “Clown Without Pity”
___ “I’ve Grown a Costume on Your Face”
___ “Bart’s Nightmare”
___ “Terror at 5 1/2 Feet”

A. “It’s a Good Life”
B. “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”
C. “The Masks”
D. “The Little People”
E. “To Serve Man”
F. “Living Doll”


3.To date, there have been three black-and-white segments of Treehouse. Name one of them.


4. Fill in the blank:   “___________________ make Homer go crazy.”


5. True or False? I Know What You Did Last Summer has never been parodied by a Treehouse segment.


6. Which one of the follow Halloween costumes has Bart never worn during a Treehouse episode?

A. Hobo
B. Charlie Brown
C. Eddie Munster
D. Frankenstein’s Monster
E. Dragon
F. Headsman
G. The Fly


7. Which one of the following Halloween costumes has Homer never worn during a Treehouse episode?

A. Ghost
B. Julius Caesar
C. I Dream of Jeannie
D. Herman Munster
E. Dr. Manhattan
F. Headless Man
G. Zorro


8. Besides with “The Shinning” segment (TofH V), Stephen King has been invoked on numerous occasions during Treehouse episodes. Cite at least one example. [Earn a bonus point if you can give at least three.]


9. In the closing of the “Homer3” segment (TofH VI), Homer appears in a live-action world, but the humans he walks among remain mute. Who are the only two celebrities ever to deliver lines as their flesh-and-blood selves on a Treehouse episode?


10. The film The Thing with Two Heads has been referenced repeatedly during Treehouse episodes. But which one of the following character pairs has never appeared with their heads grafted together on a single body?

A. Homer and Mr. Burns
B. Dr. Nick and Dr. Hibbard
C. Bart and Lisa
D. Skinner and Chalmers
E. Lisa and Krusty


11.Complete the line. Devil Ned: “But let that ill-gotten donut be _____________.”


12. In the “Send in the Clones” segment (TofH XIII), which character from another animated series appears amidst the herd of Homers?


13. Which one of the following characters has never appeared in a Treehouse episode as a droog from Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange?

A. Homer
B. Bart
C. Moe
D. Maggie
E. Snake
F. Lenny


14. True or False? Clips from the first 666 episodes of The Simpsons have been used during the Treehouse of Horror series.


15. Identify one reference to Tim Burton’s work in a Treehouse episode. [Earn a bonus point if you can cite more than one example.]


16. Which one of the following is not a candy that appears in “The Sweets Hereafter” opening of TofH XXVIII?

A. Barterfinger
B. Nelson’s Crunch
C. Marge Bar
D. Peppermint Selma
E. Oh Homer!
F. Kirkish Taffy
G. Lisa’s Pieces
H. Bazooka Moe
I. Senior Mints


17. In the segment “You Gotta Know When to Golem” (TofH XVII), who is the voice of the female golem?


18.The Lard Lad Donuts statue has been incorporated repeatedly into Treehouse episodes. Give one example.


19. Which one of the following songs has never played during a Treehouse episode?

A. Pat Benatar’s “Hell is for Children”
B. Elvis Costello’s “Accidents Will Happen”
C. Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock”
D. Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London”
E. Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer”
F. The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop”
G. The Eagles’ “New Kid in Town”


20. In the segment “Desperately Xeeking Xena” (TofH X), the Collector (i.e. Comic Book Guy in the role of an archvillain) falls into a vat of molten Lucite. What pose does he deliberately assume before hardening?


21. Which has appeared more times onscreen as the episode title, Treehouse of Horror or The Simpsons Halloween Special?


22. Which one of the following Guillermo del Toro films was not referenced during the (del Toro-directed) opening of TofH XXIV? 

A. The Shape of Water
B. Pacific Rim
C. Cronos
D. Hellboy
E. Pan’s Labyrinth
F. Mimic
G. The Devil’s Backbone


23. Cite one example of a Treehouse reference to the facehugger or chestbuster from Alien. [Earn a bonus point if you can give an example of each.]


24. True or False? In “Reaper Madness” (TofH XIV), Homer tries to trick God by killing Selma and attaching Marge’s hair to her head.


25. Which one of the following has never been a Treehouse segment title?

A. “Dial D for Diddily”
B. “Dial M for Murder, or Press ‘#’ to Return to Main Menu”
C. “Dial N for Nerder”
D. “Dial Z for Zombies”


26. Cite one couch gag featured at the start of a Treehouse episode.


27. Who does Homer defeat in the Fogburyport Oyster-Eating Contest (TofH XXIX)?


28. Which one of the following is not a Rigellian alien?

A. Kang
B. Slithers
C. Kamala
D. Serak the Preparer
E. Kodos


29. Complete the dialogue (from the inaugural Treehouse of Horror): “‘Tell me, tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night’s Plutionian shore.’ Quoth the raven, ‘ _______.'”


30. In the segment “BFF RIP!” (ToH XXVII), Lisa has an imaginary friend named Rachel. Who does Homer reveal as his childhood imaginary friend?


31. True or False? The theme music from John Carpenter’s Halloween has never been used during a Treehouse episode.