Small Bites

A collection of zombie-themed haiku:

Undead and Dentulous

Could eat you right up,
Gram always used to tell him.
Tonight, she proved it.


Macabre Marathoners

Breathless, staggering,
Striving for the finish line
Of the human race.


Crimson Anniversary

Cooing, she tries on
Her husband Don’s precious gift:
Intestine necklace.


The Horror at Asbury Park

Deranged defender:
Sniper at a Zombie Walk.
Actors get head shots.


Outreaching Indigent

Rank clothes, rheumy gaze.
Mute, beseeching stumblebum.
Can you spare some parts?



Late, neighborhood stroll;
He couldn’t catch any ZZZ’s.
The restless dead pounce.


With Apologies to Eliot

Wasteland taste-testers.
I had not thought undeath had
Redone so many.